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The SpiderShark's Curse


  1. Extended MAP 
  2. Enhanced AI
  3. NEW UI and SFX
  4. Graphics Mode : [ Retro | Normal ]


Updated 14 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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TagsCreepy, Exploration, Horror, Psychological Horror


The SpiderShark's Curse (32bit).zip 58 MB
The SpiderShark's Curse (64bit).zip 62 MB

Install instructions

Download Zip File > Extract > Play


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Loved it! Great atmosphere. Great chase sequences. Perfect difficulty level (for me!) and thank you for the checkpoint!


Haha! This game is looking amazing! Great name. Tell me, did you enjoy the Panic Horror Jam? (also, what engine did you make this on, and how long have you been doing game dev?)

This looks like it will be fun to play on the upcoming live stream. Thanks for submitting.  

Charley the Postman - YouTube

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Thanks for commenting, and wait for 1.3 Version it gonna be out with storyline and new monster :) probably gonna release it before the deadline. once again thank you.

and here is your questions answers:

1) Did i enjoy the jam? > Yes, absolutely ( it keep me motivated to work on this project)

2) Engine and How much time i spent in game dev? for this game I spent around 10 days in total and I used Unity Engine, also I have been developing 2D fun projects for last 2 years, but recently started to focus 3D game (mostly horror).  

Nice. Good to see a fellow Unity dev. I am very happy to have met (some if not all) of your expectations! This game is certainly one of my favorite (from what I can tell--I am not playing any of the games yet!) games submitted. Great work!


Good game

Thanks, for playing 😄

Hi There ! This is Shahzain. I am interested in working with you for Mobile and PC projects as above shown game inspired me alot. If you are also intrested. Let's have a talk. Just send me a mail on shahzainkhurram@gmail.com

Thanks for playing, and I would think about it once I done with my  projects.

Ok dear. I hope you will agree.

Might be the scariest $%it I've ever experienced! WOW! THIS GAME!

Frankly speaking, I did not expect much, judging from the game's page and that the project was made for the game jam. Little did I know, that my worst fears would present themselves in the worst form ever - this is phenomenal! I can't hide my appreciation for the game, the atmosphere, sound design, as well as performance. Legit scary for those people, who have the phobias.

All the best to your future developments and good luck with the game jam. Cheers! 


Thanks, I appreciate your feedback and gameplay 🙂.

Fun game, but I can't leave even after grabbing the golden artifact

Thanks for playing. After getting the artifact, you need to find a red key for 2nd door. it's in the same hall where artifact is placed.